Welcome To

OHR Natan

A Bukharian Community

Located in the Center
of Queens NY


Welcome To

OHR Natan

A Bukharian community

Located in the center of Queens NY


Ohr Natan is the Rego Park Bukharian Community

Ohr Natan stands as a beacon of cultural preservation and community support in Rego Park, Queens, NY. Named in honor of Natan Yakubov, a dedicated educator who immigrated to the United States in 1977, the center holds dear the values instilled by Yakubov during his years teaching Bukharian youth in the Soviet Union. His daughter, Dr. Miriam Natan, carries forth his vision, leading Ohr Natan to become a vital hub for the Bukharian community.

From humble beginnings in rented spaces, Ohr Natan found its permanent home in 2002 within the historic walls of the former Trylon Theatre. This transition marked a significant milestone, allowing the center to expand its outreach and services to better serve the needs of the growing Bukharian community.

The Bukharian Jewish community, with roots tracing back to Central Asia, particularly the Emirate of Bukhara, finds solace and connection through Ohr Natan's cultural and religious offerings.


Rego Park
9888 Queens Blvd
Queens NY 11374

13906 86th Ave
Queens NY 11435


(718) 275-3318

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